Hello Families!

Yet another wonderful day at CIMI has almost passed. It is hard for us to believe that we already head back to the mainland tomorrow. The kids have expressed mixed feelings: sad to leave CIMI, but eager to get home.

Just like the past three days, today was filled with activities. We all completed our last snorkel this morning. Our students gathered data about fish populations so we can complete a project when we get back to Eastshore. Lots of fish were spotted including our friends the saw bass and half moon. The water is clear and crisp!

This afternoon, some of our students went kayaking while others engaged in the labs we mentioned yesterday. Tonight is our bonfire and impromptu talent show. Smores will be served.

We hear the dinner bell!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow,
The 6th Grade Teachers

Thursday Morning

The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of Garibaldi danced in their heads.

All the kids are still sound asleep after a very full Wednesday! Island time is a little slower than the mainland, so we enjoyed a yummy Taco Wednesday, instead of our beloved Taco Tuesday, complete with soft and hard tacos, rice, beans and...CHURROS!

Following dinner, the kids split into groups to embark on the night dive, night hike, or visit to the Marine Mammal hall. Fun was had by all groups, especially when a downpour broke out around 8:30pm, right as our night programs were wrapping up. The student groups in the Marine Mammal lab lucked out as it was in a covered auditorium. The night dive students didn't have it too bad, as they were already wet and the friendly lifeguard on deck quickly grabbed their towels and clothes to bag them and keep them dry while the kids were all still out in the water. That leaves the night hikers, and, well, they got SOAKED! Luckily they were on …

Wednesday Afternoon

After another fantastic dive this morning, we had a blast with a BBQ by the beach! And guess what?The SUN was out! We ate with our friends beside the sand and it was glorious. We even got Oreos for dessert!

Our afternoon group sessions were rock climbing and the marine labs. The marine labs had touch tanks where students held various sea urchins, starfish and touched tentacles of lobsters. We climbed inside an inflatable gray whale and explored types of plankton under microscopes. Other students tackled "the Beast", the most difficult side of the rock wall! They also learned several fun variations of hide and seek.

During breaks, students enjoy playing Gaga Ball in the sand pits, hunting for sea glass on the beach, and hiking up a nearby mountain for a breathtaking view of the ocean. It is such an amazing outdoor experience from sunrise to sunset.

Tonight, students will visit the marine mammal hall or choose to do a night dive or night hike. Each night, they chat a little le…

Wavy Wednesday

Well, what an exciting dive we had today. As the sun peaked through the clouds, the students got into their dive gear and made their way into the clear water. The students were independent and put their gear on with minimal help from the teachers! Some students needed the atomic wedgie technique to get their pants on properly.

When in the water, the current was a little stronger than yesterday, but the students all kicked and swam hard to see many different creatures. There was a large pod of dolphins, around 300, that was swimming right by us. The students could dive down into the water and hear the dolphins using echo location to communicate with each other. It was one of the coolest experiences that we have had at CIMI in a while.

The students from the night dive yesterday were able to see many different creatures including: Horn sharks, Thornback Rays, Lobsters, Octopus, and a halibut. The students braved the cold water and got to enjoy a nice experience. They dived, they danced, …

Tuesday Afternoon

What an exciting and exhausting Tuesday we had today!

Everyone enjoyed a delicious breakfast followed by our very first dive! We put on our wetsuits by ourselves!! and went on an ocean adventure. Groups saw schools of fish along with sting rays, lobsters, and other sea animals. Overall, the students had a blast and we are so proud of them for accomplishing this goal. For many, this was their big risk to take while on the trip. They did great!

After a scrumptious lunch, some students participated in a Marine Animals lab, learning about sea life and petting some sharks. Others climbed the rock wall in the rain - quite the challenge!

In the evening, some groups attended another lab titled "Creatures of the Night" while others went on a night hike to see stars (and yes - the clouds knew our plans and cleared the sky for us - it was awesome!). Another group of students participated in the night dive, truly a once in a lifetime experience.

All the kids are happy, well-fed, and enj…

Tuesday Morning

It is a beautiful morning here on the island!

The students are all sound asleep right now in their beds. They will be up at 7:00, ready for the day, but mostly ready for breakfast.

Our day will start in the water with our introductory snorkel. Every study group will learn how to put on the wetsuits and experience the thrill of snorkeling in Toyon Bay. The wetsuits that the students use are thicker than normal surfing wet suits. Most wet suits used for surfing are 3-4 mm thick. Each piece the students put on today will be 7mm of neoprene. The students will have 14mm on the chest to ensure that they stay warm! This process is very fun to watch but also a great learning moment for the students.

We will have the option to go on a night dive tonight and tomorrow night for those students who are interested. For those who are not, they will have the option to attend a wonderful astronomy hike where many constellations can be seen.

We will update you again today, but the internet connection h…

Monday Messages

Good Evening Families!

We have had an extremely eventful day. Thankfully, it was clear seas and dry skies on the boat ride over. The students were enthusiastic and excited about arriving at camp!

Once we arrived at camp, the students got a tour of CIMI and got to move into their dorm rooms. The quick break in the dorm rooms ended as our afternoon program began. Groups 1-4 were treated to a wonderful kayaking adventure. They braved the slightly chilly waters and persevered to have a great time. Many of them completed the kayak challenges which included switching kayaks with a different pair and everyone's favorite: jumping into the chilly water.

Groups 5-8 were off on the wonderful island hike where foxes were seen, plants were tasted and learned, and many students decided to apply some charcoal to their face for camo.  The students had a blast and were eager to share stories with their fellow peers upon arrival back to camp.

Our dinner was fantastic and filled our bellies. The stu…